Betrayal by Employee

We recently had to let our first employee go after disappointment after disappointment.

Admittedly, there was some unhealthy emotional enmeshment between myself and the employee.

It’s been over 1 week since this gal is out of the picture, and I feel happier, more at peace, more creative, more clear, and more excited about/in my business. I am deeply IN LOVE with my business again.

Much like cleaning out my closet this month (and donating 6 garbage bags of clothes), it’s amazing how now that she’s OUT of the picture, I can see so clearly how she was NOT a good fit in the business. Feels the same as when I walk into my closet and realize how heavy and bogged down my hoard of clothes made the closet feel.

Anyways, my question is, how do I ensure I don’t betray myself again? I feel like I lost site of my values and the badass CEO I know I am and got sucked into her, even when I intuitively KNEW it wasn’t creating more.

I am terrified of this happening again. I know I can’t run this company on my own if I want to scale it, but I feel so savage about not letting this happen again. I already come locked and loaded with trust issues that I’d love to work through. This experience has added some salt on top!

Would love Brooke’s insight!