Better thoughts about boyfriend part 2

Thank your for the response. It helped me crystallize what I need help with.

The answer provided stated:
“ It’s like walking on path and seeing a big rock in the middle. We can stop and tell ourselves a story that this rock is in the way and we can’t seem to finish our walk OR we can just simply step over or around it, keep walking and enjoy the path.”

I am not succeeding in giving less airtime to the thoughts my boyfriend will never want to live with me. I need help with strategy to manage the how I (my brain) keeps this thought popping up like popcorn.

To use the analogy of the rock, I tell myself to step around it, and then 5 feet later the big rock is in my path again, and again.
When I “give airtime to better thoughts of things he does that I appreciate, or remind myself that I can take care of myself in or out of a relationship, those thoughts don’t feel true or strong enough and the rock is in my path again.

The negative thought of him never wanting to live with me is getting bigger and the positive thoughts about what I think it’s good and working in the relationship don’t seem to stick.