Better thoughts about boyfriend

I am getting frustrated with myself because I keep getting caught in thought loops about if my boyfriend and I are ever going to move in together.

We are in our 50s, and have both been divorced and we’ve been dating for nine months, everything is going really well.

In the last month or so, I find myself more and more wondering if we’re going to move to the next phase of relationship and move in together. I think it prevents me from being present and enjoying what he has to offer, and of course my brain is offering me evidence of his lack of commitment as opposed to showing me all of the things he does to make me happy.

I just want to stop thinking about this, it keeps popping up and my story is that he’s never going to want to live with me. I have let myself feel sad about this. Now I want to enjoy the journey with him knowing I have my back no matter how things turn out.

I’m supposed to control my thoughts, I want to control this one and just make it stop. I need a better thought. Would appreciate suggestions.