A better way to intermittent fast

In January, I began with an eight hour eating window for intermittent fasting and after 3 months, my weight loss stalled. I then shortened my eating window to 6 hours and the weight started to come off again. Sometimes I forget to eat, or I’m not hungry and then I’ll have a 4 hour eating window. I have an inconsistent schedule day to day, so sometimes I’ll have a 7 hour eating window.
I’ve read and followed Dr. Fung, and I got the impression that varying your fasting schedule is better for weight loss. However, I recently had a coaching session with Pat, and she told me that this could be the reason my weight loss is stalling again. She advised to have very consistent meal times, even with a longer eating window, to get my weight loss going again. I want to do the right thing, but eating at the same time each day has been a challenge and my eating window is longer, closer to 7+ hours.