Beyond the Model

First off – wow the content in every part of Scholars is amazing I am getting so much from this. Thank you.
I am getting to grips with the model and it is a revelation on dealing with my thoughts – I have a very busy mind!!
Yesterday I wrote out a model based a thought download I had about my best friend shouting at me and and saying I did not care about her mom (who has been in hospital for over a week). Gosh did I fill a page on thoughts!!!!
My model:
C: She shouted at me and said I was Insensitive
T: She thinks I don’t care about her mom
F: Angry
A: Think about the hurtful things she called me, turn the anger inwards and attack myself.

New Model :
C: She shouted at me and said I was insensitive.
T: What she thinks about me is on her she is allowed to think that. I am supporting her in every way I can and will continue to do that.
F: Neutral
A: Go about my day making sure I still ask how things are going and feel blissfully neutral.

And this worked. I have a question though?

What if I am often at the receiving end of my friends explosive emotional downloads – I have this thing in the back of my head that I am constantly remodelling someones behaviour towards me. Brooke says on her Podcasts – to come from a position of Love – which I believe I do as I honestly Do Forgive and forget every time this happens – I find it easy as I love my friend. But I worry it gives the message – It’s ok to do this as she forgives me every time.
Shouldn’t I at some point be saying – Hey enough already – I value myself enough that I need to address this issue?