Bibliophile A HA’s

Hello, Coaches –
Not a question, but a moment of appreciation and learning.

When the month started, I wasn’t sure that I’d have that much to do in my house. I finished a massive whole-house clean out in January of this year, so I figured I was all set. Not so, as it turns out.

I’m hauling away bags and bags of books today, many of which passed muster back in January. I ask myself, “What changed?”

The answer, I think, is a happy one. Thanks largely to Scholars, I’ve gained greater permission to be who I actually am TODAY. All those books on a subject that I studied 15 years ago no longer feel alive to me. Books I received as gifts and never really wanted feel a little off-kilter, like trying to get dressed in someone else’s clothes. Books from trips I took years ago, books I was excited to buy with my ex-husband and which no longer feel relevant, books that belong to a previous incarnation and to a scholar who cast a wide net before she knew what really made her heart beat fast…

As I culled more and more, I felt greater courage to be truthful about what’s important to me now.

I felt less willing to simply “store” books, even if they’re great books that I once enjoyed.

I now feel tremendously excited to have made room for this next chapter – literal and metaphorical!

The beauty of this is a wonderful feeling of self-loyalty.

And to think, I nearly rested on my laurels and didn’t dive in to the work. So, so glad I did. With great thanks to Brooke and to all of you for these teachings!