BIG Anxiety Win!

My main struggle is anxiety generated from my thoughts about my body because of auto immune disorder and imbalanced female hormones.

Last night before bed I knew I was having hormone anxiety because my period will be starting in a few days. I have learned to deal with that kind of anxiety and not add to it with negative thoughts. But we also had an overnight guest that I don’t know well at all, so that was making me a little agitated.

As I laid in bed I decided to practice the February homework that we just received from Brooke.
I was simply going to observe and be curious about how the anxiety was showing up in my body without resisting it all.
For me the worst part about anxiety is when my breathing starts to get shallow and short. When this starts I know I am on a slippery slope and it can turn into a full blown anxiety attack if I don’t manage it right away.

This is where the magic began to happen…

I began thanking my brain for wanting to live so badly. For being so fierce in wanting to protect me that it generates fight or flight because it soooo badly wants to live. I thanked it for its power. But then I told it I am safe right now. I don’t need this protection. Everything is ok.

And within seconds my chest released and I could take a normal breath. The anxiety just left!!!

Now here is the important part. I have been mad at my anxiety response for years. I believe my body overreacts, is unpredictable and betrays me with this anxiety. And when anxiety comes my underlying thought is, I hate this I feel like I am going to die.

But last night I flipped it. I thanked my brain for so fiercely working on my behalf to keep me alive and releasing those stress chemicals. So actually my body works perfectly in keeping me safe and alive, I am not broken.

So ONE thought can change my entire life.

Mind BLOWN!!!!