Big Decision – Selling the House or not..

I have lived in my current house for over 14 years and right now it’s my main source of income as an Airbnb home (gross over 100k a year). I started teaching other people how to do Airbnb as well but I haven’t turned a profit on that business YET…

At the moment the house is having some issues with the:

a: The city (I’m now a target as an Airbnb host (FUN)
b: Con Edison (this has been going on since February)

Which might make me stop doing Airbnb and even using the house as a two family home. I currently can’t afford to live here without doing Airbnb or having the income from the second apartment.

I can sell the house, make a profit of about 1million…. and buy something else.. which is scaring me… BUT… it’s also exciting. The money is here in the house and I can use the influx of cash….

How do you go about making big decisions like this?

BTW – I don’t have a husband or significant other which is good and bad… It’s my decision and… it’s my decision. 🙂


C: Sell the House
T: Ohhh lord the process of selling and finding a new place
F: It can be fun.. am I distracting myself from my business?

C: Don’t sell
T: Refinance???
F: Anxious, nervous about the city… What about cashing out….