The Big Fat Surprise!!! GRRR!

I am so glad to be mad. This book has stirred so many emotions in me. Mostly anger, and some of that ” see I told you so” and a bit of that “I will never trust again”.
Grrrr! Thank you so much for mentioning it in the stop overeating workshop. I got half way through. But I get the message. If I read any more I can’t be held responsible for my actions. Ha Ha, joking.
My thought ” it’s so frustrating to find out my health was jeopardized for one man’s need to be right”
My new thought, I am so blessed to be getting this information now while I have so much life ahead of me.
But I am still mad. :[
Q. You suggest no smoothies. Is this commercial ones or even ones I make myself?
Julia H.