Big fight with my 10 yo son

I’ve just had a bust-up with my son. I’d asked him to empty the dishwasher (his job) during lunch and he said that he didn’t want to do it. So I said, “Fine, please do it within the next hour.” He and his sister then sheepishly left the kitchen to do gaming without having done the dishwasher. An hour in, I went to my son and said, “Time is up, please stop what you’re doing now and empty the dishwasher now.” He then said “NO!! I don’t ever want to empty the dishwasher or do any jobs” and he screamed the house down. So much so that my husband came from upstairs to find out what’s going on. In the end he ended up reluctantly emptying the dishwasher with a huff and we’re not on speaking terms right now. I feel so helpless and frustrated and annoyed. And more over, my husband has a way with him that I don’t have so I feel inadequate when my husband swoops and manages to solve the argument seemingly effortlessly. I want to feel like I’m a good mum and find my way to get through to my son.