Big house

Hi Brooke!
Just finished the money course. Now I just need to go back and write out all my to do’s :). I realized that I definitely let philosophies about downsizing vs big house mentality hold me back. I have 3 kids and my husband works from home and I homeschool and we live in an 1100 sq ft home. I kept praising myself that we make it work and that makes us better people somehow. But at the same time we are so cramped and a few of us are introverts who enjoy our own space. That mentality kept me from going for a bigger house and I would just go to Target instead. Again praising myself for not spending money on a new house so letting myself buy more crap. Your coaching has helped me to take the leap to move and we are making it an adventure by living in a vacation town near us over next summer (with family) while looking for the new house. This will give us the time and mindfulness to make a conscious decision regarding the next home.

Since we are paying off a few thousand in credit card debt in the meantime…I started getting anxious about needing to get rid of it asap and that means quitting coaching with you after sept. But after watching the money course I decided I will manifest the money for October and sell some of my items that will create value for someone else!

Thank you so much!