Bigger Vision as an Entrepreneur

Hey Brooke,

I enjoyed the last podcast with your coaches on making 100K, but it actually brought up a lot of negative thoughts while I was listening. Which was useful because I was able to identify some beliefs that aren’t serving me. I noticed instead of being inspired and thinking if they can do it I can my thought was “how is it possible that they’re making money” “they don’t have enough experience/credentials.”

I was fascinated I still had the thought that they probably aren’t successful despite having very clear evidence of the contrary. I have a manual for everyone on how they’re suppose achieve success as an entrepreneur which is interesting because I’ve never been one. So my question comes from a lesson in your Stop Overeating Masterclass. You say “You don’t want to think about a goal weight. You don’t want to think about where you’re going because you don’t have any conscious belief that you can create that…anytime you think about some future that’s bigger than your past, that’s bigger than your present, it may bring up a lot of overwhelm or negative emotion or fear.”

That’s where I feel I am right now, wanting to build my business but being overwhelmed by the bigger vision of who that person is. After listening to the podcast it seems I have a lot of negative expectations of entrepreneurs so no wonder I don’t want to envision it.

C: business
T: I’m not a leader or responsible enough
F: doubt
A: avoid anything business related, buffer
R: things don’t get done, not responsible

C: Business
T: I’m the leader of me and get things done when I don’t want to
F: Courage
A: work on biz projects
R: keep commitment to self

Those are my models but wondering if you can get me started on creating a bigger vision?