Biggest dare I’m feeling every emotion

Hi Brooke, I love you…so that you know. I met you at the Live Event, thank you, the Event was beyond words and can not wait to do it again in Dallas. You inspire me to do the hard things I have been buffering though for years

So many great dares but the two that stand out this month so far..and I just looked down at the date on my computer and can not believe this month it’s so extra.

First I dared myself to hire one of the Master Coaches from the event. I pondered the decision for several days and decided to work with the one that scared me the most..All thought I know, but it’s feels real. I am so excited to have this extra help during this time in my journey.

Then today I did something I didn’t feel possible. I am going to be 65 in 2 months and live a comfortable retired lifestyle; I asked my husband of 19 years to renegotiate our marriage. I want to be free, and I no longer want to be married. I feel like such an ungrateful spoiled brat. I am naming the emotions and writing, there is that, Guilt..thats a big one. And the one I am feeling now is a little happiness even though I am bawling, my eyes out. Wow, I am feeling every emotion and not buffering.