Bike weekend

This weekend I am going on a bike ride. Me and a friend are biking along a trail all day on Saturday, staying in a hotel then biking back the next day.
It’s the sort of thing I really love to do.
She has a bike but I am renting mine.

I phoned the bike rent place and reserved a bike, but the person I spoke to didn’t seem to be paying attention so I don’t feel confident that my reservation was placed.
I emailed afterwards and asked them to confirm the reservation but didn’t hear back.

I am consumed with worry that there will be a problem with the bike rental
These are the thoughts:

We will get the bike rental and there won’t be any bikes for me.
Then I will be stuck in the middle of no where, and my friend and me will be in an awkward position. The hotel is booked and paid for and she has her bike but because I don’t have one and we drove together in her car what do we do?

I am so worried about this I haven’t been able to do a model.

thanks for your help