BIL – Performance Improvement Plan

Hello, my BIL and I work at the same company. He is in a director level position with high responsibility. My impression of him is he is a good guy and does great work; he has been w/the company for many years and worked his way up. I learned today that he was put on a performance improvement plan, which in HR speak, means he is most likely being performance out of the company. I am sick about it. I work in HR so I know how subjective these things can be, and how manipulative they can be. I feel terrible and I am projecting so much onto the situation. I want to feel better, and I am trying to work a model that takes a neutral stance. I don’t believe it yet though:

C – BIL on a PIP
T – This is not right, its not fair, he is being performance out of the company
F – anger
A – stewing on all of the villains and worst case scenarios
R – I do not show up in a professional and neutral way

C – BIL on PIP
T – This could be necessary, this could be the best thing that ever happened for him. I just don’t know
F – curious, neutral
A – Don’t bother myself with it
R – stay in my own lane, think of other things I can effect/change

I want to believe a version of my UI but just don’t yet