Reflecting on how I went off my protocol yesterday:

Decided to eat sliver of pie/ice cream with lunch (T: I want it out of my house and parents are over so more mouths to eat it and to share so smaller portions, it won’t be that big of a deal, I can’t serve them pie without eating it cause it tells them “here you eat this and get fat, I’m not” it would be rude).

Now I’m full come dinner time and I’m bored/ don’t want to deal with kids, just want to escape from the daily grind. (My parents have taken 2 out of the 4 kids). So now I’m thinking this is mini date night (since we only have the little kids) let’s have margarita and nachos (T: we never get to do this-not true-, Need to get rid of leftovers and nachos will solve this, date night is supposed to be fun food, this will taste good, I don’t care right now, I’ll be back on protocol tomorrow. All of this then led to brownies later as well.

How can I overcome these obstacles next time:
sugar must be planned, stick with protocol no matter what, whatever it is you want write it down to eat tomorrow and plan it, impulsivity is falling off the wagon, slip up doesn’t mean land slide, I should always care.

So, I’m really trying to learn from this, but seem to still blame myself? Or don’t know what my action/thought plan will be for next time. Help please!