Binge Comprise….good work or kidding myself?

Hi Brooke…..i started scholars mid sept and started immediately with the protocol and your weight masterclass. It has been AMAZING. Ive been a periodic binger for decades and it has really affected my life negatively.
For the last 2 months ive had no DESIRE to binge so its been easy. The last few days though for some reason i have been feeling it creep up on me. One possibility of a culprit is although i follow your recommendation of protocol 90% i do have nuts mixed with dried fruit as a snack at night and i think this sets me off a bit. Even though its not candy and it’s healthy….its a sweet combo and i think it triggers me….but at night i want to have something so i thought it would be a good choice.
Anyway yesterday i had to go to a funeral and i found last night the desire to binge was extremely strong. I did the model….but i still wanted to binge….i just wanted something sweet. I was about 30 seconds from a binge,which in my case is about a 2 hour obsessive eating session in which i consume 5-6 thousand calories. I was trying to think of something to avoid this painful and defeatist experience and at the last second….i said….ill just have something that i would normally have as a joy eat….somewhat indulgent which took the edge off… i did and it was enough for me and did not send me down that destructive path of a 2 hr binge. The thing is it wasn’t planned and it was very clear to me i was emotionally eating. I feel like i met myself halfway and because i was semi-conscious about what i was doing….i did less damage than i could have…I think doing the model helped me be semi-conscious but i couldn’t get all the way…..i think it was still good progress for me but disappointed that i had such a strong desire to binge. Do you think this WAS progress or am i kidding myself…..thank you.