Binge eating recovery. Doctor reccomended eating 2300 calories a day

C: bulimia recovery. Doctor recommended eating 2300 calories a day
T: that is wayyyyy too much
F: aversion disgust mixture
A. Imagine eating that much and feeling stuffed, look for evidence that I’ve already gained weight by increasing calorie intake to calm survival instincts, go into dietitian mode and calculate why it’s too much. Stick to my 1700 BMR calorie calculated range which still makes me uncomfortably full
R. Seems like too much.

Here’s the thing. I want to listen to my doctor. My recovery coaches. The people that made it through recovery.

Also, I want to listen to and honor my hunger instead of an internal metric. I know my hunger signals may be uncalibrated but if I listen and honor the physical signals, I believe I’ll build myself relationship and my body will figure it out.

I’m walking the line between trusting intuition and the structure I’ve given myself and also listening to professionals that are trained here.

I know the worst thing that can happen if I eat more is weight gain (disgust and loathing) which would make me want to restrict. Or if I eat this amount and it’s not enough it may activate survival instincts and make dismissing binge urges more difficult.