birthday bash

So I invited a few friends over for dinner to celebrate my boyfriends and my birthday.

As we got an apartment I would like to receive some gifts concerning the decoration and furniture of our new home and not some other things.

I would like to tell them but I’m afraid what they will think.

My goal is to tell them and not feel ashamed or insecure but feeling good about it. Also I would like to mention that I love presents haha. And I really don’t want to get unnecessary things.

Here is my model

C: Tell my friends what I want for my birthday bash

T: They are going to think I’m a greedy, materialistic and self absorbed person

F: Insecure, worry, ashamed

A: Not taking action

R: Getting unnecessary stuff that I don’t want.

What could I think to receive this action:

C: same


F: secure, love

A: telling my friends what I want from a place of love

R: being ok with what I get but tell them what I want

So I just noticed that my main thought is that I just want to get what I think is what I really need.

As I invite them to dinner that’s what I’m expecting.

I think I’m not ready to get the intentional model because I still think “I want to get what I want as a present” I try to control them.

Can you help me with this?

Thank you so much