Birthday expectations

Hi Brooke,

I just had my birthday and I think my thoughts surrounding birthdays leave me disappointed. First off, I feel like I remember you saying something in a podcast that we shouldn’t have expectations of other people in my life. I think that my expectations contribute to my feelings. I want, or rather expect my friends to show up, plan something, do something to show they care on my birthday. And while that does happen to a degree, I always end up focusing on those who didn’t come through, which leaves me feeling hurt. I tried using the model, but am stuck. Here’s what I have.
C: my birthday
T: my friends should plan, be there for me
F: entitled
A: make my own plan
R: leave no room for anyone to plan anything

For the Intentional thought pattern:

c:: my birthday
A: ask my friends to celebrate with me, make plans
R: celebrate with friends.
I can think of the action line, but struggling with the thought line preceding it.