Good Morning,
I sent my nephew/godchild a $200 gift card for the Four Seasons for his birthday. I confirmed via Fedex that it was delivered last Thurs, June 27. I haven’t heard a peep from him. I know that one does not give a gift to get a response, and for most people I don’t have this type of Manual, but his mother (my sister) did not raise him this way and his 2 sisters still send handwritten thank you notes, as do I. So, I have a Manual that says “Family members should acknowledge the gifts I send them.” I have had a talk with myself about this (he is very busy running a company, the joy is in the giving) but I’m quite agitated about it.

C Sam did not say thank you for the birthday gift
T That is so f**king rude
F Agitated
A Tell my husband how rude he is, tell my best friend how rude he is, mentally compose rude texts/email to him, swear to never acknowledge his birthday again
R I am rude in my reactions to this situation

C Sam did not say thank you for the birthday gift
T I gave the gift purely out of love for him
F Accepting
A Stop ruminating about it, stop discussing it, acknowledge that he’s 40 yo and can do whatever the hell he wants, realize this is no reflection of my worth/lovability as a person or as an aunt/godmother if someone doesn’t say thank you
R I am satisfied with the knowledge that I did not give a gift to get something in return

Feedback please.