Birthday Overwhelm

I am in a bit of birthday overwhelm at the moment. My husband, two daughters and youngest son all have birthdays back to back from the end of January to mid-February. I was brought up in a home where birthdays were a very big deal and whenever it comes to celebrating my family’s birthdays I find myself feeling so overwhelmed and unhappy.

It just really sucks because I am celebrating their birth into the world which is cause for lots of great happiness! (I have a lot of stuff around my own birthday as well but that is for a different Ask A Coach question). Needing some assistance in replacing my thought with one that feels better to me and is believable.

C: One of my kids birthdays
T: I need to make this day perfect and so special for them! There is going to be so much to do in order to make this day so special!
F: Overwhelmed
A: Running around doing a million things (buying presents, organizing experiences for them, etc.) but doing it from a place of obligation
R: Really not enjoying my kids birthday and being so happy when it’s over

Intentional model:
C: Same
T: (need help with this!!)
F: Excited!! Happy!!
A:Putting together a fun but relaxed birthday
R: Happy kid and happy mom 🙂

Some of the thoughts I came up with are:

What a blessing they are here.

I am so glad I get to create a fun day for them.

It’s only one day of the year.

But none of these seem to do the trick of relaxing my emotions and not feeling the pressure of needing to make it the best day ever!!

Thank you!!