Birthday Presents

Hello, some assistance please with my birthday presents. My husband always buys presents for me that I do not like, want or use. Even when I tell him not to. I get really upset when he does this, as not only do I see it as a waste, it shows his lack of understanding of me and my likes. I don’t show my disappointment. I have tried to put this into a model.

C – Husband will buy birthday presents
T – What will he buy that I don’t want like again.
F – Disappointment
A – Try to Pretend that I like it, even when I don’t
R – Get upset. Annoyed that he has done it again. I don’t show this though.

C – Husband will buy birthday presents.
T – I must give him a list of what I would like
F – Happy
A – We all have a lovely time
R – No waste, Don’t have to pretend I like it. Have a lovely birthday.