Birthday with no food/alcohol buffering

Hi Brooke,

Every year for my birthday, I usually go on a vacation or staycation for a few days and stay in a hotel. I noticed that on this trip, something felt a little different… Not bad or good, just different. And I realized it’s because normally on my birthday weekend, it’s all about food and drinking. All these little treats I would give myself, the entire weekend. Even when I was alone or witbout company, I celebrared with food. It was the “gift” I gave myself. Food was my highlight and companion. It’s so interesting to have a birthday without buffering… To sort of honor it in another way besides overeating and overdrinking. It feels … strange. Ha. Kinda boring, if I’m honest. I think this must be the part where I make my LIFE interesting. 😉 If you have any thoughts around this, would love to hear them! Thanks!