Feedback on my model, please.

C: today’s my birthday
T: none of my family or friends wished me a Happy Birthday like they usually do
F: curious
A: chose not to “remind” anyone about my birthday. Waited all day to see if anyone would say or send wishes. Read the insincere emails from “businesses” that wished me Happy Birthday but just want my business. Did not cry or get upset. I just accepted it. Felt curious all day about why this happened. Got a thought that I should cry or something but that wouldn’t be authentic or necessary because it does not feel that way. Did a thought download to see if there were any underlying feelings. Nope. Did a model to send to ask a coach to get feedback. Realizing that sometimes our traditions and habits change for good reason. I know some religions do not celebrate birthdays.
R: I allowed people to do what they want to do and not hold expectations or demands on them.