Blaming BF

I notice I am blaming my Boyfriend for things I am doing instead of figuring out why I am doing things I don’t want to be doing.

For example:

1) I blame him for the guilt I feel when he says “I miss you” daily… I need my space sometimes so I sometimes decline hanging out

2) I blame him for me working less on my business because I’ve been spending more time with him

3) I blame him for me not working out as much or sticking to my protocol because he thinks I’m beautiful no matter what (which is a blessing), but it’s led me to feel feelings that are less driven and looser

He is an incredible person. I know all of this is BS he is absolutely not responsible for, but I struggle to say no or set the boundaries I want to set because I don’t want to upset him or disrupt our relationship.

Tips on how to work through this? And change the result to me feeling like I’m on top of my game and satisfying my personal needs AND able to be in this relationship simultaneously???