Blaming myself about not being able to stick with my preplanned day

Hello and thank you in advance for helping me with the model.

C – Preplanned my week and not able to stick with the schedule for 100% already on day 3
T – I’ll never be able to organize my life as I desire it, I’m failing again like with other things
F – Feeling disappointment and sort of tension in my chest
A – Still following the plan but doubting I can really make it
R – Starting to slowly step away from this week’s plan…

So basically I watched the Monday Hour One training last Friday and felt so motivated by it. I immediately started applying it on Friday and on Monday I did almost great with it but today it felt like I didn’t follow it 100% (although right now it’s only 1 pm in here) and it’s difficult for me to accept it because I’m a perfectionist in life, and it feels like I’m failing if I’m not at 100%. So what I’m looking for is advice on how I can turn my negative thought about the situation into a positive one so I don’t quit on what I’ve started.