I blew my own damn mind.

Brooke-I blew my own damn mind this week. I’ve been IF and eating at 12 and 6 for about 9 days, and not buffering with desserts (my go to) for 30 days. On a walk today I felt annoyed at being hungry and “having to wait” until noon to eat. And then I realize that my mind was clear, I woke up feeling well and I had good energy. So, being stomach hungry is manageable. I decided I would way prefer to have a hungry stomach and clear mind/superb energy than a full stomach and a foggy mind/zero energy.

This work is so much more powerful to me than eating between the twos and If I’m So Smart. It’s working. I’m doing the work. I am finally understanding.

I wanted to thank you and to share in case this thought is helpful for other scholars.