Blew my own mind before completing my first month in SCS

Hi Brooke,
This is so incredible I had to share it with you and all the awesome SCS participants.
Unexpectedly, a coworker who has been behaving in a way at work that is perceived by everyone, including the VP of the department as emotionally and behaviorally erratic and overall a lose cannon, wanted to catch-up with me. He didn’t know yet, but I knew that meant me telling him that a project he was holding-on for dear life was going to end. I knew this had the potential to set him off as we were talking alone in my office. I felt such panic and fear. I noticed how I desperately wanted to buffer with entertainment media… and I didn’t! I knew this was a time to do thought downloads and models. After doing the unintentional model I remember you telling me that I needed to do intentional models for each one of the feelings I wanted separately. So I did 4 intentional models on the feelings I wanted to feel. Confidence, fearlessness, mastery and compassion. Then I meditated for a little bit and got very focused. Long story short I felt empowered and ready to take on the conversation. During the conversation I was actually feeling those feelings. It went better that I could ever have imagined. An hour after the conversation was over, this coworker came back into my office and thanked me for the conversation saying that he felt that I was gentle and kind with him and that he got that I was firm and unwavering in my ideas and he respected that. He actually got the compassion, fearlessness, confidence and mastery that I worked on first with the models and then was feeling during the conversation and thanked me for it. WHAT?? I AM BLOWN AWAY. It felt like pure magic. I am seeing downloads and models in a whole new way now. So excited to see all that can happen as I use them in every obstacle I face in life.
Brooke, and I have yet to complete my first month in SCS and yet to really understand and master the model. I can hardly wait to see what happens during month 2, 3, 6 one year, two!! Woo Hoo… Maybe I take off and fly 😉 This work is changing my life in such a powerful way!! A heartfelt thanks to you for sharing this with us!!
Love ya,