I just read the post about not carrying about social media engagement. I made a goal to start a blog because I am out of work due to the virus. I don’t have a product to sell but thought I could share how I am dealing with COVID19 and see if anyone found it helpful or would share their ideas. I was going to send an email to all my different circles of friends to tell them to check it out and see if they had feedback for me. Is that an appropriate use of a blog? Does Brooke have any classes on blogging? I am 57. This technology is all new to me. I figured if I start a place to share feelings and engage others then when and if w ever become a life coach I would know a little about social media and perhaps have people to market to. I feel sleazy about it, I know I need to work on my thoughts. Anyway, if I have a blog how would Brooke suggest I get it out to people? Sounds like the other scholar who wrote in is frustrated and now it sounds like a bad idea for me to try this. Again, any resources at the life school for starting a blog? I will be VIP in April, maybe then I will have access to something? Thank you.