Blogging Content – Target Market Focus

In the How To Be a Life Coach podcast, you devote one session to Writing Your Blog, and you discuss how the content should be relevant to your target market.
When I’ve thought about blogging in the past, it was always with amazement that anyone could have something worthwhile to say every week, that needing saying and hadn’t been said before.
Well to my great amazement, I’ve realized that in fact I, me, have something to say. I can do this! And so I am.
However I’m questioning the relevance of my writing to my target market. I haven’t narrowed down the market, their problem, and my solution yet. It’s something along the lines of professional men over 40 who want to become great at relationships.
The things I’ve written in my blog entries so far are definitely relevant to life coaching; I’m not talking about my cat. But they don’t specifically go to men over 40, or to relationship issues.

I expect that as I narrow down on my market and my offer, I’ll develop blog content that is more focused. But in the meantime I feel like the practice of writing is necessary. And perhaps more important is,the practice of putting myself out there, exposing myself to the world. It would be to easy to write just for myself.