Blood Test Results

I have created myself a protocol that is ketogenic based and lost a good amount of weight over the last six months.
I went to see my physician because I am constantly tired and yawning all day even though I sleep a good seven hours each night.

The blood test results came and I have high cholesterol, too much of the bad kind and not enough of the good kind. There are other values that show not enough oxygen in the blood, all which can be why I feel so fatigued.

I told him that the weight loss program I do, do not recommend exercising before I lost all my weight and he got upset with me and said exercise is no longer a matter of preference and that I must include at least 30 minutes each day, especially with these results.
He also said I should forget about dairy, red meat, and butter.

I almost feel as if I lost some weight but caused myself more harm than good.
Is it possible your program is not for everyone? What should I do now?