My blow-my-own-mind vision

Remember back in 1991 when the Terminator 2 movie came out, and Linda Hamilton had this amazing, strong, ripped body, and everyone wanted to know how she did it. She was the inspiration for so many people to get a kick-ass bod. Today, my inspiration is Charlize Theron in Atomic Blond. She has amazing moves and is super sexy in the movie. She’s my inspiration…my blow-my-own-mind inspiration to believe it is possible to move from being 51, size 20, with daily fibromyalgia pain, dependent upon medication (or the many buffering vices I have) to deal with the daily pain, not seeing myself as remotely sensual or sexy anymore and not living life outside of my cave–outside of my own perceived limitations….to being 51 or 52 and being a strong and athletic size 6, in the best shape of my entire life thus far, eating for fuel only, fully embracing my sensual and sexy side, creating fun things and experiences, dancing because I can freely move and it feels so fun to express myself in that way, having only a vague and distant memory of buffering and pain medication and even being in pain. I look and feel f-ing hot. It blows my mind that I got here so fast and so easily, moving through setbacks with ease and grace…and best of all, running a thriving coaching practice leading other women through the fibromyalgia cave of pain and sorrow and lost life (their own) and back to themselves, but even better! Oh the many lives of touched and helped them to help themselves–starting with my own daring vision of being able to move like Atomic Blond Charlize Theron! Thanks in advance for all the help and Ass-kicking you’ll do along the way. I am forever grateful. ❤️