Blow off what I care about.

Yesterday a.m. I was super excited because I had actually followed thru and done what I said for someone else, I didn’t fall for my husband’s plan and put it off like I have done in the past only to be furious with myself. After something like this I get disoriented and confused. I feel like I am constantly making sure any success is more than compensated for with choices I am very unhappy with. I ran across very useful information (great), but did not set an alarm for the q&a session and so realized it was time 4 min before it was over. My “flag” was accurate because I had looked up the time but not made a commitment to the hour earlier to change my 3pm set point. I also procrastinated on cleaning my teeth (a critical item for me) and feeding myself breakfast (ate around 5pm). These patterns are so typical for me. What is a doable, efficient change procedure? Do I write answers to the feeling questionnaire (if im so smart, why cant i loose weight) every time I notice something unproductive. Do I write thoughts for 10 min, put each of them thru ctfar and replace them and run thru ctfar again? I pretty intensely want to transform my thinking framework into a friend instead of a roadblock. What is the most efficient way to work this? Thank you so much!