Blowing my own damn mind

Just wanted to say I had a major doubt and anxiety storm today it was just excruciating. It stayed and nothing would budge it. I just was a person with a lot of pain for about the first half of the day. It started last night and then I woke up with it this morning. However, the wins are as follows.
I did not over eat. I stuck to protocol. I just stuck with it and did the exercise I said I would do.
I have lost 5 pounds in the past few weeks WHEN I WAS TRAVELLING. Seriously! I used to go nuts on mini bar chocolate. Didn’t even occur to me to look at it. I knew there wouldn’t been big salady food at the office I was working at or at the hotel so I walked a couple of blocks and bought mega healthy salads for my two meals per day. I did not eat any of the foods in meetings. I just did what I said I would do. I stayed the course. I did it because I can trust myself. I did not feel deprived. I just stayed the course. I had imagined what my future self would be like and I knew that for her this is no big deal. This is how she eats. She doesn’t think about or stress about food. She has two vegetable rich meals a day and maybe a piece of dark chocolate then she stops eating. I’m blowing my own damned mind. It’s a Goddamn Christmas miracle!