Blowing My Own Mind Is Right!

Is it possible that someone can learn the principles you so eloquently espouse, fully embrace them and then instantly change? Am I kidding myself or can this really happen?

I drew a line in the sand that September 1st would be my time and the opportunity to fully implement your teachings and finally end this overeating challenge. I have been a student of neuroplasticity and reconstructing our neuropathways for a few years now. Prior to coming here I was a student of “Brain Over Binge” and while it is brilliant in theory, I was not able to fully implement it alone. And then came Brooke…….. Never before have I had someone so brilliantly, simply and concisely explain how the brain can be changed through our thoughts. I dove head into your program, binge watched everything (no, I’m not a type A, why? 🙂 implemented your suggestions, including a coaching call with Pat Beaupre. She was AWESOME and, very longingly, set me straight on some things I needed to hear.

Long and short, I am now letting all my thoughts just pass. I liken it to a brook…….just letting the water roll gently downstream at times and more robustly at others, but all passing through nonetheless.

I am personally experiencing the adage, “AWARENESS + ACCEPTANCE = CHANGE”
You rock my world and THANK YOU!