BMI 21

Unintentional model
C- I am 36 yrs old. June 2019, my BMI was 30. For 2 weeks in April 2020, my BMI was 21. Since then my BMI is 23. Target BMI is 21.
T- I’m not sure if I can have a BMI of 21, even when I was 15 yrs old my BMI was 23.
F- doubt
A- overeating on my non fasting days
R- BMI 23.

Intentional model
C- Target BMI 21
T- I felt lighter when my BMI was 21
F- motivated
A- eating well and on plan on non fasting days, actually fast on fast days.
R- I will get to BMI 21

Unintentional model
C- target BMI 21. In April, Mum said I was too skinny
T- I am not approved by mum.
F- unloved
A- not fasting on fasting days. Overeating when non fasting. Distant with mum.
R- BMI 23

Intentional model
C- target BMI 21. Mum said I’m too skinny
T- I believe my Mum has best intention at heart. Thanks Mum but I prefer BMI 21.
F- loved
A- following fasting plans. Warm relationship with mum.
R- BMI 21.

It is the same topic of BMI 21 with so many conflicting thoughts. Is that how to do the model? Each thought separately? Because of course there are more thoughts like

C- BMI 21
T-my body looks better at BMI 21.
F- confident
A- following plan. When my BMI was 21 I was dressing and walking more confidently.
R- getting BMI 21

Thank you