Boasting vs Self Esteem

I’m coming from a background that values “being humble”, “letting the other person shine” etc. During my path of self coaching I dared to tell people about my achievements and made a point of doing so. The thought being “I’m not hiding myself anymore”.
Recently this doesn’t feel good anymore, like I’m overdoing it, like “boasting” with my achievements etc. – and, even worse, like not being interested in hearing what others have to say. Of course those are all thoughts.
I would like to find the middle ground. Being proud and tell my truth, while being humble and not “needing” to tell everybody about myself all of the time. What is a good and self supporting model in that direction? Maybe

C: I’m sitting in a café with a friend I didn’t see in a while
T: I must tell her, what I did, so that she can love and accept me
F: Urge to talk
A: Talk all the time we have together – about me
R: not learning about her, her news, her achievements

Can you help?