body composition grief

C: gained some fat over my abs in the last 2 days. Saggy skin
Thought download:
– I will never have a constant body composition
– No matter what I did, in the last 10 years my skin has become more and more saggy
– I tried all the strategies, still none of them led me to reach a stable body composition over time
– My body is locked in this continuous transformation, I can’t get used to having any definite shape for the long term
– People who go through the body transformation I went through have physical characteristics that are clearly different from those who can reach a stable body composition
– I had that 10 years ago and I am so nostalgic of being carefree as I was, I had all the mind space free to focus on my highest dreams
– There is no hope that I can change this, and this is unfair: I don’t have the same chances as other people to see the results of my lifestyle on my body

The main feeling out of it was grief
For the moment I am allowing myself to grieve (A), as I have always pushed grief away in the past. However I am also concerned I will never move forward by doing so. Looking at these thought which one would you suggest me to work on and how? Thanks for the guidance