Body image thoughts

Hello all,

I have had 2 coaching sessions & have found the experience of re-watching the videos interesting. I hadn’t expected the impact of watching myself talk at length like that -it’s new to me! I did extensive journaling these 2 weeks on this and already noticed a more positive experience in 2nd coaching session compared to 1st (in terms of this ‘re-watching’ aspect, not the learning / note taking which was good with both sessions). I noticed yesterday I was kinder to myself while watching, focused on the learning / notes more, and generally had a good experience.

However there’s a persistent negative thought that I’m not sure how to address. As background, I’ve lost weight in the last 2-3 years (15 kgs), and still have my last 5-6 kgs to lose to get where I want. Can I have your help with a model I’m stuck with, which came up after both coaching sessions. I can’t seem to open it up more. What I found difficult in doing this model – and I want help with – is that while doing the model I found I was repeatedly saying to myself: “don’t kid yourself, this is not a thought. This is information. You just need to lose weight”.

I guess my question is how can I acknowledge that I do want to lose a bit more weight, yet not have these negative stuck models like the one below?

C: Watched coaching session
T: My face is fat
F: Revulsion
A: Re-watched coaching video and was diverted from just learning / taking notes to thinking about ‘fat face,’
no change in my eating habits, memories came up from childhood – being commented on by a guy once (she is the one with the fat face)
R: I ruminate on fat face