Body image work?


I’d like to know better thoughts regarding body image—I’ve struggled with it since being a teenager- had anorexia and bulimia, and when I started getting more into my career the disordered eating stopped, but not so much the underlying struggle. I really admire pretty women, and even find myself justifying the success of certain women because they maybe aren’t as attractive and so had less options (??). So ridiculous I know.

But I have persistent focus on appearance, and constantly compare myself to whoever I am dating’s ex. When I say constant- it’s like 30 percent of my thoughts. It’s overwhelming and pointless. I am very judgmental of people that get plastic surgery and at the same time jealous of how perfect their bodies are.

Also, when I found out I was having a daughter (she’s 2 now), I cried. Because how can I possibly help her navigate the pressures on women in terms of their appearance if I haven’t figured it out?My mom consistently gave us the message that it is what inside that matters.

Anyway, I’d love your insights on this specific topic. I’ve benefited so much from your insights on other topics (not sure if you already cover this in the weight loss vault material). I’m too scared to even click on that stuff because I don’t have eating or weight struggles now, and don’t want to open a can of worms given my past with eating disorders.