Body Keeps the Score

Just listened to the “Believing the Model” podcast and I agree with you that the most important thing is to believe it. I’ve been floundering a bit because I don’t fully trust that the model is ‘enough.’ My biggest hangup is the research trauma experts have done that says our emotions create lasting responses in our body. So if my body is holding tension and trauma in the muscles of my shoulders, abdomen, pelvic floor, etc, that no longer feels like a neutral body onto which I can integrate new thoughts without working on the body itself. I suppose I’m suspicious of the way the model ignores the body and bodywork. As someone who trends intellectual, I personally know how easy it can be to SAY the model is effective while still feeling ill equipped to process tension, pain, and trauma that seem to usurp my rational mind. In this way, I feel suspicious of the coaches who can walk someone through a model (which is helpful, for sure!) but then leaves it with, “That’s your work,” when emotions start to bubble. It seems like the body is part of that ‘work,’ and I don’t know how to integrate the model to fully express that.

Thanks for your thoughts-