Body Shame

I have been doing the emotion work and was listening to Episode 187–Neutrality of Circumstances today. In it, Brooke talks about before we can change our body, we must learn to love, inhabit and accept the body we are in today. She goes on to say that accepting something doesn’t mean we condone it, just means we’re not trying to change something by pushing hard against it. We are choosing not to go to war.
We are choosing not to try and force change with our own negative feelings. We can act from a place of peace and love and still move towards change. —- I love all of this and yet still having difficulty implementing it.
Is this what the C and T would be in my model?
C: My current body
T: I accept my body as it it today and learning to take care of it from a place of love and acceptance.

I am having trouble how to use the model to help me accept my body as I continue to change.