body vs mind

Hello! I have a question around body needs vs the story that my mind tells me and how it makes me feel.

I have 2 young kids and a single mum with an operational job in a factory. I am in the habit of not putting myself first to fulfill my body needs (sleep 8h/night, exercise etc) and end up with a burst of energy. when I have a good night’s sleep when I feel on top of everything I set up great goals and tasks. Another day will come when I have slept less and I feel cranky and my thought will be I don’t have the energy for this, I feel tired, I’d rather go catch up on some sleep instead of forcing my body through all these plans.

I struggle to decipher when I should listen to my body and have a rest but then it might mean not Following through on some of my commitments to myself vs pushing my body through it and feeling tired all the time.

Would love to get some thoughts on that, thank you!