Book recommendation on IF

I would like to read more about IF, would you recommend an author. I feel great, and really appreciate IF. I talk to people about eating 2 meals here in the US and often receive comments that skipping breakfast is not good. In fact, I suspect that some people in my work think I am developing an eating disorder. I recently purchased new clothes after losing 30 pounds (I held on to old clothing way too long since I am half way to my goal). I look much slimmer in my new clothing, so I am getting more comments, however, I suspect that since I was “hiding” behind baggy clothes and now wearing fitted clothing, it looks like the weight loss was sudden. I do feel skinny – at least,much slimmer than ever in a long time. I am becoming more in tune with urges, desires, joy eats. I am still learning so much about myself. I tell people what I am doing to lose weight, I start with saying I cut out sugar. The conversation usually stops there. Occasionally someone will dig deeper, when I get to intermittent fasting, the conversation seems to get more complicated.