Bored in new relationship

I’m in a new-ish relationship with a man I met through mutual friends. He’s smart, caring, emotionally attuned, and attractive. All good things.

But I am finding myself feeling bored. He’s very smart and we have a lot of common interests, but I just don’t feel “hooked” in the way I have in previous relationships. I know that hooked sounds bad, but I kind of feel like if we just fizzled out and spoke less, I wouldn’t feel sad, really. Just kind of like, he’s fun to hang out with sometimes but generally I feel like I’m driving the conversations and he’s just supporting me. Which is actually not awful, I like feeling supported so it’s really refreshing actually. But I still just feel like the relationship is missing some key ingredient that would keep me in it for the long term.

Am I supposed to stay in this relationship until I’m happy?

I know it’s not his job to meet my needs. Do we just not have a want match?

Is there any material I can read on this specifically?