Boredom and buffering intensifying.

Brooke, I really need your perspective. These past couple of weeks I have been having a REALLY hard time staying at home. I have not experienced this before at this intensity. I am a stay at home and have been for the past 13 years. My daily routine is exercise, prayer time, housecleaning, and then diving into self help (your program and another program I’m in, youtube videos, etc). I spend hours every day working on self help things. I am currently building my coaching business but haven’t had a client yet. I find that by mid day (around noon) my brain is full and I don’t want to think about learning anymore or doing anymore work on the business. I want to leave the house, go get a diet Coke (which I try not to drink) and go shopping and just be around other people. It’s intensifying and I have been buffering more. I haven’t been drinking wine during the week in the evenings (my protocol is wine only on weekends) but have started back to drinking during the week. I am feeling so bored and unfulfilled. Sometimes I even think about going to go get a regular job so I have something to look forward to and to be around other people. What I’m trying to figure out is does this feeling of boredom and being unfulfilled get remedied by changing my thoughts to how wonderful my life is and how content I should be to be able to stay at home and work on my business? Or is this an indicator maybe I need to change things up because what I’m doing is not working?