Boring life

C: I slept 1-2pm yesterday on my lunch break
T: I’m so bored with my life
F: discontent
A: tell myself I don’t feel like doing anything. Don’t reach out to friends. Don’t read. Don’t take a walk or a bike ride. Find fault with my partner. Sleep. Eat. Drink. Complain. Shop. Sit on the couch for hours.
R: I create a boring life

C: I slept 1-2pm yesterday on my lunch break
T: this is my life right now
F: accepting
A: allow it all to be how it is. Don’t judge myself for sleeping.
R: I accept my life the way it is?


C: I live in my town of XYZ with my bf
T: I don’t have any friends
F: sad
A: shut down my bf when he asks me why I feel sad. Go to bed. Scroll on my phone for an hour. Online shop. Focus on two people not responding to my messages about hanging out. Sit on the couch. Shut down my bf idea to reach out to his two friends. Tell myself I knew this would happen when I moved in with my bf. Want to move to another town.
R: i don’t create friends?