Boring model

I’d appreciate your suggestions on this model, particularly some guidance on what the C might be. This thought surfaces often and seemingly disconnected from other things. I’ve heard other Scholars say their C line is “life” and this is kind of the same thing – a global thought.

C: ?
T: I am boring
F: Undesirable
A: Don’t do much out of my comfort zone, ruminate, find evidence, don’t plan fun things, compare myself to and envy others
R: I don’t do anything to make my life more interesting

Also, if that is my R line, I’m thinking I could create an intentional model that looks something like this:

C: I have a thought my life is boring (I know thoughts are not ideal for the C line – help???)
T: I’d like to try adding some new things to my life
F: Excited
A: Sign up for the financial coaching course, date more, be more open-minded to social opportunities, look for new evidence
R: My life is more interesting to me

Thank you!