My boss thinks I’m stupid

Hi Brooke! I am so excited to embark on this journey. I had always been a very secure and confident person earning my MBA, CPA and CFE license. About a year ago I started struggling with extreme insecurity about my ability to do my job as an auditor even though I had been doing it for 15 years. The insecurity was so bad that I was convinced that my employer was going to fire me for not performing so to avoid being fired I quit a job I loved for a job closer to home at a small regional “Mom and pop” accounting firm. As you said on the call today changing my situation did not change my insecurity. I am absolutely convinced that my new bosses think I am stupid too because of the passive aggressive environment I am in and snide comments that are made to me. To add insult to injury I also gained 35 pounds last year and had always been the athletic one that everybody strived to be like. The weight gain and feeling insecure made me run up credit card debt to try to gain my confidence through new clothes, shoes, purses, buying professional make up,and even a new car I literally bought everything I even remotely thought might make me feel better. I have come to realize that my current work place is probably not where I need to be but I know if I don’t deal with this where I am getting yet another job will not help. You said today that we really have to believe what we are thinking so how do I start to make the progression from knowing they think I am stupid? I cannot come up with any where to start. As far as the weight gain I have really really tried every diet I can find for over 9 months and honestly I have gained another 15 pounds. My credit cards are maxed out and I had almost lost all hope until I came across you a few days ago. Thank you in advance for your time!